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Experiences and skills :

Assistant Architect Staff board in Damascus University ,(Architectural Design Section ) (2010-2012)

- Participation in a Workshop in Italy-Venizia 2016 Animal Space 

- Participation in ( Comics .w .s in ,Beirut ,Lebanon ) Workshop (2007)

- Participation in a Workshop in (Egypt) ,(2004-2005).

( A grant for the outstanding students from Damascus, Egypt, Germany universities ) on the subject (popular and poor regions rehabilitation in Cairo Alexandria , Egypt ).Administrator (DR .Anwar Algaith. college administrator ).

- Participation in the Art Exhibitions of the Faculty of Architect of Damascus university (2003,04,05).

- A proposal Design for rehabilitation of the old international Damascus fair location.

- A new proposal Design for the National Syrian Film Organization in Damascus city , Ministry of Culture( graduating pro).

- A proposal Design for Hospital which consists of (100 beds ) in Damascus suburb.

- An Experience certificate of ( 5- months training curse) at ( Prof.Dr. Arch. Rdwan Altehlawi)’s office. ( general works ,urban design)( 5\08-10\08)(included).

- An Experience certificate of ( one year training curse) at (Mr.Dr.Arch. Anwar Alghaith)’s office.(training on Landscaping and hospital design )(3\07-3\08)(Included).

- An Experience certificate of ( 6- months training curse) at (Mr.Arch.Redha tellawi)’s office .(curse of managing workshops and urban design planning )(8\06-1\07).(Included).

- Worked on the basic Design for the general huge swaida mall in Mr.Arch .Redha tellawi’s office (2006).


 Sketches ... 2004- 2016

Flicker Personal Site  

Other works with Syrian Film Organization :


- Decoration manager representing the national Syrian film organization for

(Mozayeik ) movie, directed by Mr. Bassam Hussein, 2006\07, Ministry of culture, Syria).

- Decoration of ( Civilization Echo movie,  part 2-3, ministry of culture, Syria, 2006, directed by Mr. Bassam Hussein).

- Decoration of ( Civilization Echo movie,  part one, ministry of culture, Syria, 2005, directed by  Mr. Bassam Hussein).

- Fashion and decoration designer of ( The Mask movie) representing ministry of culture, Syria, produced and directed by Mr. Bassam Hussein,2003\2004 ).

Architect & Painter :
M. Hussein is an Architect and a Painter who has graduated from Damascus University in Syria and has promoted his skills with master degrees in Syria and Germany till 2017.
Also he joined and made many Solo & Due Art Exhibitions in syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Germany.
M. Hussein has started since 2008 his own Architectural Style, which concentrains of the Ability and the power of the Materials. He tried also always to form and shape these Materials in a new, strong and smart Form to serve the new needs of the architectural Society.
Obtained Certificates :

- Master in Architecture in TU-Braunschweig , Germany(2017)

- Assistant Architect staff board in Damascus University ,(Architectural Design Section ) (2010-2012)

- Master curse finished in Damascus university (2007-2008).
- Bachelor of Architecture , Damascus University, Faculty of Architect(2006)
- Member in Engineering institution since (2006).

- Member in Finearts Institute since 2002

Archives :

- A design for MR. Muhalla CAFEE’ at site (JABLE,60m2)(2012).(included).

- A design for Mr. Rafi karboujian home at site (BAB SHARKI, 100m2)(2011).(included).

- A design for Mr. Dr. Ammar Dalloul home at site (Baramkeh, 110m2)(2010-2011).(inc).

- A design for Mr. Mohammad Alnonnu Villa at site (Breka village, Alkonaitra city, 2008).

- A design for trading company in (Al fardous st, Damascus city, 240 m2, 2008).

- A design for Fashion wear Company settlements ( Elle)(2006).

- A design and constructing building for fashion and sport wear company (Mr.Hajj Hamdo, Babbila suburb, Damascus, 11002,(2005-2006).

- Designer for all mine and father’s exhibitions prushures.

- Designs for the (union of the Arab writers ) magazine, and other comics       institutions like ( spacetoon, Al najem association).

- Participation in ( Allayh ) conference  for painters (2002-03)(two times ).

- Participation in ( Ihdenn ) conference  for painters (2003-04)

- Participation in the Exhibition for Syrian  painters (2001-02-04-06)